Friday, March 19, 2010

Been awhile!

Well well as you can see it has been a really long time since the last time I blogged, there has been so much going on mostly just kids and work and school. My youngest brother JJ died on Feb. 9 2010, and since then life has been very different and sometimes very difficult. I know he is in a way better place and is so much happier and able to progress but there are the days for me that I just cry thinking about him and how he died. It was a little bit traumatic for me, he was in a great deal of pain and it really was a slow way to die. He died from liver failure due to taking too many Tylenol PM. Now we have no Tylenol or acetiminophen

(?) in our home. It is so bad for your body it is amazing. So many people have no clue what they are doing to their livers by taking these products. What is maddening to me is that the Drs. are always telling you that it is the only safe thing to take when you are pregnant, now I wonder how true that really is. I know that now knowing what I know from the Drs. and nurses at the ICU I have a really hard time taking any kind of medication let alone give anything to the kids. To JJ I miss and love you bud!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's play catch up!!

I know it has been a while but this summer has been incredibly busy. It seems like last week was the beginning of the summer...whew! Ok so let's review what the Dellingers did this summer....

Nothing but everything!! Seriously it seems we did absolutely nothing but we were busy the whole summer. June was Parker and Brielle's b-days, we had a big family bash at Murray Park with almost the whole family, at least all the kids were there even if their parents weren't. Mom and Dad brought a ton of food, candy, cake, soda, toys and fun!! For the kids the huge snakes were the highlight. I will have nothing to do with snakes so Allen got all the pics. July we celebrated the 4th here at home, we went to the neighborhood breakfast and parade and then mostly chilled the rest of the day. The rest of the month we just worked and did the same old thing we do all day everyday, the 20th was McKay's b-day, he had some friends over and played the Wii and played outside. August 2nd was our family reunion in Enterprise for the Randall side (Grandma Allen) it was interesting!! The rest of the weekend was a blast. All the adults and adults only went to dinner and then we went bowling, FUN FUN FUN I had no idea my parents and my sisters were so good at it. Oh and Allen is good too. Then we were able to get the kids ready for Back to School!! Yeahhhhh... just kidding I love having the kids around... (for awhile) now we are here in Sept. and we are still just as busy, Allen and Parker and Morgan are always gone on Tuesday nights for Bishopric meetings and Young Men and Young Women activities and then starting next month on tuesdays I will be busy with the Webelos in our ward. oh yeah and I am also playing on a co-ed soccer team on monday nights, I have never played soccer ever not even just for fun with neighborhood kids or anything, so the first time I played I found that I TOTALLY LOVE soccer!! It is so much fun! Now I want my kids to play. Yeah good luck on that one!! And now on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturdays I am working at ROSS, which I totally love, but I think I am just feeding my addiction to clothes shoes and handbags working there. Oh well I can rise above!! hehe yeah!! OH yeah and I didnt do the triathlon we were too late in signing up because they only allow 1000 athletes. Better luck next year, which is probably better because it gives me that more time to train and get over my fear of swimming. Here are some pics from all of our adventures.

Monday, June 02, 2008

My Summer Goal!!

My friend Natalie and I are going to do a mini Triathalon in August so we have set up an exercise and nutrition plan. Mostly to lose weight but we had to have a goal. The triathalon will consist of biking 10 miles, running 3 miles and swimming for 800 yards. The biking and running are really no prob for me but the swimming I am going to have to practice alot on. A swimmer I am not, but Natalie has done this before and she will be a great coach, even though she probably doesnt know I think of her in that way. She has also run the St. George Marathon so I feel like I am in good hands. At least she will know what she is doing. I cant wait I think it will be a fun adventure. So wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Girlie Girl

Everyday we find that Brielle is more and more a girlie girl. She is so funny, she is always saying "eww that is gross mom" the other day we were watching noggin and in between the cartoons they have little spots with kids doing some kind of craft or planting things well on this day they had two little kids showing how worms make their homes in the dirt. So they got a clear jar and put dirt and rocks and stuff in it then they dug up some worms from the garden, the little girl on the show picked up one of the worms to put it in the jar and Brielle with a horrified look on her face looks at me and says " EWWW Mom that is soo gross!!" I couldn't help but laugh and she just sat there going " ewww gross" over and over, and since then when ever she thinks something is gross she always pulls the face and says "ewww that is so gross" . This is funny to me because none of the boys ever did this and neither did Morgan, she was always right there with her brothers digging in the dirt and playing with "gross stuff". She also has become aware that she doesn't like her hands and face to be messy either. This all just makes me laugh!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stevie is my hero

When we went to St. George for Easter in March my so sweet sis in law Stevie brought me this wonderful gift. I got hooked on this anti frizz serum awhile ago and when I started to run out and went to the store to buy more I couldnt find it anywhere every store I went to I would look for this and no one had it. Stevie was at a store farther north than where we live and found 5 bottles of it. So she bought a few and was kind enough to give me a bottle. I was sooo happy I almost cried. Now I found out that they changed the bottle, so now I will have to start looking again for the new bottle, because I am such a dork I just look for the bottle shape and not the actual name of the product. Again Stevie THANK YOU so much!!! You are truly a hair hero!! :)

By the way this is what the new bottle looks like for those of you who are like me and just look for the bottle shape!! Oh also I guess I should put in a rave for why I love this product. I color my hair alot and it gets the wonderful haystack feel and look so I tried this stuff and fell in love, it made my hair feel soft, I was able to run a brush through it when it is wet and it has these great conditioners in it so while it is in your hair it is actually doing something good for it. I love this stuff !! I might have to become like Elaine on Seinfeld when she hordes the sponges, but my horde will just be anti frizz serum!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I know, I know I am a major slacker when it comes to keeping this blog up to date, but hey cut me some slack, I am the mom of 6 (well only 5 are here at home) I have to pick up, drop off, make it to all their appointments on time, plus pick up something for dinner!! Yeah right just kidding I actually sorta cook, if spaghetti , mac and cheese, sandwiches is considered cooking. Wow we have been busy. The kids are in school still and it just seems like I live my life in the car. Allen is working from home now. I'm not completely sure how this is going for him, for me and the other kids, it has been different. We have to be quiet alot and gone alot, but the kids think it is fun to "walk dad to work" with cereal on the way!! My sister Ashlynn had her baby on March 31, 2008, and we couldn't be more happy for her. She had a girl her name is Lucy and she is just sooo cute. I havent seen her in person yet but I will get to the first weekend in May. Which reminds me, the girls that I get together with once a month have planned a weekend getaway to St. George that same weekend. I am sooo excited about this. I think every mom and wife needs to spend a weekend away with all the girls, just to do girlie things and relax. Which we will definetly be doing as long as the weather stays nice and warm there. As for me I just do my mom stuff and try to keep Allen happy, man I need a hobby, or hey maybe I will go back to school. That would be cool then I could get my license and really do hair, yeah that would be way cool!! Well then back to reality, I really need to stop daydreaming, so if anyone is looking for the perfect gift to give me it would be money toward hair school!! :) I can dream!! WOW!! that was weird anyway back to my boring life..... ahh never mind!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok I found a new really cool thing to do on Mondays with my awesome friends. The Larry H Miller theaters host a mommy on mondays thing where all the kids are free under 5 and moms get in for $5. WOOHOO now that Allen is going to be working from home this will be a life saver for us. Today we saw Horton hears a Who. Cute movie, the kids sat thru the whole thing so that was fun, the only thing is that there are babies crying and kids screaming and popcorn and candy everywhere. But it was great fun!! After that we went to McDonalds and the kids played, Brielle got stuck on the very top level so of course who had to go in after her? Yep that's right it was me and let me tell you those playareas are not made for people over 4 feet tall!! OUCH on my back!! What a fun day tho and looking forward to next week.